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Winzeler Stock Photography:

1) Tell us how you'll use the image

2) We will reply with an immediate estimate

Photography is Rights Managed (RM) so you know the entire history of any image. Pricing is based on end use. If the image will be used in a trade show display for example, we'll need to know the size of the display, size of the image, number of displays, duration of use (# of shows) and the region in which the trade show will take place.

Print Advertising (magazine or newspaper):

  • Size of image within the ad/page
  • Type of publications (magazine, trade publication, newspaper, etc.)
  • Number of insertions
  • Circulation per insertion
  • Territory of use
  • Total time image will be in use

Printed Marketing Materials (brochure, packaging, product):

  • Type of piece
  • Physical size of piece & location of image (cover, inside or back)
  • Size of image
  • Total number of pieces to be printed
  • Territory of use -Total time period for distribution/in circulation


  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Size of display/poster
  • Size of image in relation to display size
  • Type of location (stores, corporate offices, special events, transit.)
  • Duration of display


  • Type of use (i.e. web site, tablet app, banner ad, email blast or part of a PDF)
  • Size of image (pixels or as a percentage of page size)
  • Home page or secondary page
  • Duration of use

Editorial Magazine or Newspaper:

  • Type of use (i.e. web site, tablet app, banner ad, email blast or part of a PDF)
  • Size of image (pixels or as a percentage of page size)
  • Home page or secondary page
  • Duration of use

Other Pricing FAQ’s

Do you offer unlimited use?
Yes, for a specified time period. This is often your best option if you will be using an image extensively. In order to provide you with a quote for unlimited use we need to know the duration and region of use. We also offer unlimited use on either a Non-Exclusive, Industry Exclusive or Blanket Exclusive (all industries) basis.

Do prices vary depending on the image?
All of our images are priced the same.

Do you offer images with Exclusivity?
Yes. We can also offer quotes for Industry Exclusive and Blanket Exclusive (all industries) pricing. Exclusivity can add substantially to the cost of the usage fee but it guarantees that competitors will not be using the same images. Exclusive uses normally include Unlimited Usage, excluding outdoor uses.

Do you offer Royalty Free images or Subscription services?
No. All images are only available on a Rights Managed basis. We do not offer Royalty Free images or Subscription services.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept checks (based on official purchase order) and credit cards. Images will only be released upon receipt of a Purchase Order (US only) or full payment by credit card.

How do I receive images I have licensed?
Once we have payment or a Purchase Order (US only) your image(s) will be available for download and you will receive email with the access information.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple images?
We do offer discounts for multiple images. This discount will automatically be provided when you purchase more than 1 image.

When does the usage period of the images begin?
The usage period for licensed images begin on the date we release the image and payment is made.

What is your cancellation policy?
Once payment or a Purchase Order has been received, a refund of up to 50% may be issued if cancellation is within 14 days of purchase, and the image has not been used. If the image(s) have been used in any way, no refund will be provided. After 14 days, no refund will be provided.

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